— What We Do

Detroit Urban Solutions (DUS) brings together organizations from the public, private, academic, non-profit, and innovation sectors in Detroit to collaborate on urban innovation responding to tough challenges through community level solutions.

While Detroit has a flourishing innovation community, DUS aims to encourage collaborations across urban tech sectors such as mobility, buildings, energy, ag and urban wellness, to identify common problems, create solutions and scale those solutions together.

Our Goals

New ideas for conquering urban issues that integrate diverse perspectives and leverage the resources of collaborators

Economic impact through (1) jobs for the young and most vulnerable, (2) venture capital and (3) financeable projects

A stronger civic and urban innovation ecosystem that is inclusive of the academic, government, private and non-profit sectors, that works together to channel the unique strengths of Detroit

A more aligned urban tech ecosystem with defined prioritization of issues

Our Approach

  • Bottom-up problem solving & iteration
  • Focus on problems not products
  • Community-centered solutions with neighborhood-level scaling
  • Short, medium, and long-term thinking

How We Work

Get in touch at dus@civ-lab.org