About Us

We cultivate sustainable, resilient communities in Detroit by fostering tech-enabled urban development and climate change solutions.

We facilitate cross-sector partnerships that identify and implement best-in-class solutions to challenges facing Detroit.

Our Goals

Develop new ideas that integrate diverse perspectives and leverage the resources of collaborators to conquer urban issues

Achieve economic impact through (1) jobs for the young and most vulnerable, (2) venture capital and (3) financeable projects

Build a stronger civic and urban innovation ecosystem that is inclusive of the academic, government, private and non-profit sectors, and that works together to channel the unique strengths of Detroit

Align Detroit innovators and entrepreneurs to prioritize and solve local issues

Our Approach

Bottom-up problem solving

Rely on community members to identify problems and to generate ideas for solutions

Collaboration Driven

Convene appropriate stakeholders and enable partners to build programs and products that solve local and global problems

Community-centered, scalable solutions

Empower local communities to develop and deploy solutions that can be sustainably adopted by other communities