Civic Studios

Civic studios are strategically curated sessions that gather groups of change makers to discuss pressing issues that face their cities. Beyond a forum for targeted discussion and ideation, Studios serve as incubators for initiatives that implement the solutions identified in the session.

Buildings and Technology

Participants focused on technology implementation and energy efficiency in buildings.

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Air Quality Monitoring in Detroit

Leaders convened to discuss collaboration to support Detroit's neighborhood-level air quality monitoring efforts.

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Water Technology Commercialization & Training

Representatives from the Michigan Center for Freshwater Innovation (MCFI) convened to develop a regional southeast Michigan Training, Testing, and Evaluation Center.

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Detroit Urban Solutions hosts a variety of programs that aim to unify and expand the urban tech ecosystem while delivering tangible growth, connections, jobs, and value to all stakeholders. Programming events include Town Halls, Informal Meetups, the Smart Cities New York conference, workshops, lectures/panels and more.

November 2021

SCNY Urban Tech Summit

At the SCNY Tech Summit, a diverse group of urban tech innovators, thought leaders, and advocates from around the world came together to explore how breakthroughs and big ideas in urban technology will shape the recovery from the pandemic and aid in building a more inclusive, sustainable future.

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December 2021

Detroit Urban Leaders Happy Hour

DUS co-hosted the culminating event of the Urban Transformation Summit in December 2021, at which Detroit community members who are invested in the city’s urban and economic future discussed the developing framework for the Centre for Urban Transformation in Detroit.

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Civic User Testing Groups

Civic User Testing is part of a comprehensive model of programming including Neighborhood Civic Studios, Civic User Testing Groups, and Neighborhood Events designed to bridge the gap between developers of civic and urban tech solutions and city residents.

Goals for civic user testing:

Value-driven outcomes that contribute to healthier, sustainable, and more equitable cities.

Urban tech product development and deployment that considers and incorporates citizen needs and lived experiences.

Laying the foundation for sustained conversations and communication between residents, developers, and policy makers.